Build Wisely: How Your Roof Acts as Your Home’s Protection

One of the most vulnerable parts of your home is the roof that receives the brunt of wind, sun, water and other natural forces which is why building a structure that can withstand the elements is important. The roof also plays a crucial role in defining the overall look of your dwelling. If you are planning on constructing a new house or renovating one, it is a good idea to pay extra attention to your roof. Here are some tips to design and maintain a roof that will fit your lifestyle, budget and protect your home.

Choosing the Type of Roof Material

The size of the structure, personal style & preferences and budget are going to influence the type of roof that you will put on your house. There are many types of roofing that can you can opt for but in the UK, slate, clay and concrete tiles are the most common choices of roofing tiles. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Clay tiles are great for curves, intricate details and dramatic finishes. Stone is heavy and quite expensive to use on the roof while concrete tiles are versatile and available in many hues. Slate is a traditional and smart roofing style while metal, although pricey, is durable. 

A Good Guttering System Matters

The structure of your dwelling can be affected by your choice of a guttering system so it is vital that you put a lot of thought on what type to install. The size, style, shape, material and placement of gutters will affect how they work and look. You budget plays also a focal role. For example, PVC systems are cheaper than metal gutters but the latter are expected to last longer.

Your local rainfall will also have an impact on the performance of your gutters. Not to be overlooked are ways to maintain guttering systems such as regular inspection and removal of debris to prevent water from collecting/stagnating and damaging walls/structure.

Roof Pitch is Key

Roofs also come in different styles serving different purposes to suit certain weather conditions and personal tastes. The pitch of the roof does not only affect how your house will look like. The lower the pitch, the more water it will collect and discharge on the roof slope. 

Hence, roof tiles must be able to handle the volume of water that will gather at the end of the slope. Choosing the right pitch for your roof depends also on the style of house you’re building or renovating and local area regulations.

When putting up a roof, it is essential to look at the materials that you are going to use as well as determine the right pitch that will give your abode the best look and functionality. The guttering system also complements the roof that will preserve the integrity of the structure. Maintaining the roof and the guttering system should not be ignored to ensure that your home is in the best condition.

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