Get Your Design On: Customising Your New Home


 every single month, thousands of people are spending their days settling in to their new homes and setting them up exactly how they want them. And with the London housing market in particular remaining as hot as ever with average prices of almost £500,000, it’s clear that people across the capital and beyond are willing to invest a good chunk of cash in customising that dream home. But how exactly should you go about this process?

Build your own 

Over 200,000 new homes are built in Britain every year. Some of these are built by developers for resale purposes, but others are built by owner-occupiers who want their new place to be exactly to their requirements. If you’re going to do this, there are all sorts of tasks to complete. You’ll need to ensure that the health and safety of your workers is protected, for example, while you’ll also need to carry out a full cost audit in advance to be sure that you have sufficient funds. Given how complex these tasks can be, most people outsource them to a professional design construction or construction management agency.

Design your new features

If you choose to build a feature home from scratch, you’ll be liable to jump through a whole host of planning regulations. Even if you opt for an existing build, however, you may have to do this too. Say you’re committed to building an extension: you should secure planning permission for this as soon as you can so that you can begin the process. You may also need a feasibility study conducted: after all, there could be unforeseen issues that a standard surveyor’s report wouldn’t notice. You’ll even have to think about this for your interiors, too: installing a microwave oven or an adjustable temperature cooking pot in the kitchen, for example, obviously won’t require permission, but having enough plug sockets to power them up might well require some planning.

Get organised 

No matter whether you’re building a new property or you’re looking to customise an existing one with a touch of DIY, it’s a wise idea to get yourself organised early on. Building from scratch will most likely require a professional project manager, as there are so many events which could crop up – such as unexpected problems with foundation creation, or unforeseen stakeholder management sessions with neighbours and local authorities. But even if you aren’t building from scratch, you’ll need to be organised with things as small as the installation of double glazing. This often requires liaising with several different members of staff at your supplier, so a good task management process is essential.

Building your own home or making substantial alterations to an existing property can be rewarding in many different ways. It can be rewarding financially, for example, if you plan to offer it for resale further down the line. But it can be rewarding emotionally, too, especially once it’s all done and dusted and you’re able to enjoy it for years to come. The journey to home customisation is a long one, and can involve everything from project management to rigorous health and safety procedures. But once it’s done, it’ll be more than worth it.


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